November 2020 Update


Hi Everyone,
It has been 12 months since we updated you on our MX track. Sorry it is all taking so long. We have really been pushing as hard as we can, as always, we want to make sure everything we do is the best we can do.
If you have travelled south past Goulburn on the Hume Highway lately, you would have noticed the track really stands out now.
Again, the Divall family have not stopped supporting us and have had a 20t excavator and driver (Harrison Corbett). Harrison has a great eye for detail, he has been there for a few months now sorting out our drainage, mulching berms, jumps, rock swales, raising the start gate area and re-shaping the pitt area.
The Divall family have also helped us with many tonnes of fill, rock and river sand for our whoops. These whoops are challenging but a lot of fun and are sure to make, better riders out of us all, plus a great race day obstacle.
#Whoop monster
Our state-of-the-art watering system is now in and pumps are now being fitted into our dam and our bore.
This should all be running within weeks. Thank you to Goulpro, Waterboyz and Toro Sprinklers. This system should be the best.
We are close to having the power run in. This has been a big hold up for us. Fingers crossed we will be powered up within a month.
We have our toilet block finished. Thank you to Reece plumbing Goulburn and Wilson’s plumbing, big effort from both.
The Club House/Canteen
The slab is laid, and the frame is going up.
Thank you to Fairdinkum sheds Goulburn, Jason Cunningham our local shed builder, Concrete for Goulburn, Integrated concreting, Millennium Windows, and Wilson’s plumbing again.
This should be locked up by the end of the year.
The Track.
We have placed an order for our new Ripper/Tiller/Packer Roller.
COVID has caused delays, they will not be available until the end of November. Goulburn Farm Machinery will be helping us out with a tractor to pull this.
Thanks to Cashy, Peter Boyle and Tyson (Nowra Mx) for their advice on this machine.
As you have seen we have a smick new set of start gates coming. A lot of research has gone into this. Our decision was not made easy.
We did speak to local engineering companies in regard to the gates, in the end we went with a company who specialises in race gates.
We are still deciding if we will go with the dirt grates or rough concrete. No rush with this.
Mal Cash and a Harrison Corbett have worked together setting corners, jumps and shaping everything up before the watering system.
Opening date
As soon as we get confirmation the ripper is coming, we will book the boys in to prep the track and arrange some riding days.
Hopefully by this time we will have power on too.
We are not far away now. Thank you for your patience, the wait will be worth it.
We promise!!!!
Should you have any questions please send us a message on FB, Instagram or contact us via our web page contacts.
See You Soon
Kind regards
Sam White
Goulburn Motor Cycle Club
Club Secretary